Portage, Michigan

6051 Constitution Blvd. – Portage, Michigan 49024 – (269) 329-9000

Welcome to Fitzone for Women of Portage, Michigan.fz-portage001

Fitzone for Women of Portage is a ladies only fitness center located within Family Fitness Center at 6051 Constitutuion Blvd., Portage, Michigan.

We offer cardiovascular machines, selectorized circuit training equipment, group exercise studio and classes, personal training programs, tanning, locker rooms, and much more.

Simply enter through the main entrance to check-in and then access the Fitzone for Women ladies only workout facility where you can exercise discretely.

Group Fitness and Aerobic Class Schedule

Last Updated: January 01, 2014

08:00am Body Pump® Express Barry
09:00am Power Step Sherry
10:00am Yoga Amanda
05:00pm Ab Attack Vickie
05:30pm Total Body Workout Vickie
06:30pm Zumba® Caroline
05:30am Body Pump® Caroline
08:00am Total Body Workout Deanna
09:00am Basic Step Sheri
10:00am Zumba® Toning Denise
04:30pm Body Pump® Vickie
05:30pm Zumba® Toning Caroline
06:30pm Zumba® Caroline
07:30pm Pilates Joy
09:00am Power Step Jackie
10:00am Yoga Core Jackie
12:00pm Total Body Extreme Deanna
05:00pm Ab Attack Sheri
05:30pm Power Step Sheri
06:30pm Zumba® Caroline
05:30am Body Pump® Caroline
08:00am Total Body Workout Deanna
09:00am 1/2 Abs & 1/2 Cardio Sheri
10:00am Zumba® Denise
04:30pm Body Pump® Vickie
05:30pm Ripped Deanna
06:30pm Yoga Amanda
07:30pm Zumba® Staff
08:00am Body Pump® Angelina
09:00am Power Step Sheri
10:00am Zumba® Hilary
11:00am Yoga Amanda
08:15am Zumba® Caroline
09:30am Power Step Staff
10:30am Body Pump® Staff
10:30am Ab Attack Staff
11:00am Body Pump® Staff
12:00pm Zumba® Caroline


Class Descriptions:

Total Body Workout – An overall toning of each muscle group with intense concentration of the lower body and core.

Kickboxing – A fun, energetic cardio class for all levels. Includes punches, kicks, and balance. Workouts vary each class, but include abdominals.

Yoga – a class that helps concentration and mental focus using a system of exercises to promote control of body and mind.

Pilates – used for mental and physical exercise through stretching and breathing that focus on strengthening the abdominal core.

Intro to Step – A beginner step class that teaches the participant the basic fundamentals and choreography of step aerobics.

Step – Next in Line after Intro to Step. Use what you’ve learned in Intro to Step to take you to the next level of aerobics.

Power Step – Power Step is a more intense version of Step Aerobics. More difficult choreography and at a much faster pace.

Cardio Surprise – It’s just that-a surprise, but always for the heart.

Circuit – lots of different stations set up by the instructor. The participant switches stations on cue so that you’re always doing something different for all parts of the body.

Body Pump – A fantastic cross training workout that works all the major muscle groups in the body. 1 bar and your choice of weights = a much faster metabolic rate to ensure rapid fat burning and awesome bodytone.